Stationary: Long Day

This was the first set of stationary I ever made to sell at Pantheacon, about a year and a half ago. I cut a linoleum print of a witch with a cigarette and a martini, made 20 prints, put together 20 different cards with scraps of found patterened paper, and then designed 20 envelopes for them.

You can see here how the envelope opens; it's pretty cool, you don't need tape or anything. The five pictured at the top are all of these I have left.


Dramatic Enactment

The first film I ever shot, in the fall of 2007, in my Media Practices class. We were supposed to be inspired (like all beginning film students) by the French New Wave, which is where all the cigarette smoking came from. My classmates on this project were Nick, Melissa, and Mark. This is probably the most straightforward narrative film I'll ever shoot. All editing is in camera.


Motion Sickness

Um, I think this is the best drawing I've ever done. And will ever do. T-shirts, anyone?


Stationary: Fat Man

I make a lot of cards and envelopes and things out of recycled materials. One of my favorite materials is old calenders, because they're big, glossy prints on stiff paper and make the most wonderful envelopes.

The cards to match these envelopes are collaged from images I found in this book from the 70's, apparently trying to illustrate the role of the perfect husband. It was a small gag-feminist paperback, and while confusing and potentially offensive, I really loved the photographs. I've been selling this set of stationary at school art fairs and Pantheacon.



I finished this scarf last fall. It took me a year and a half to complete, in short episodes while riding the bus. It's just pearl and knit, but I would switch the direction every now and then to create this paneled look. It's the first thing I've ever knitted that wasn't for a class.



Assignment (which you can see written in the margins here): Person 1 trips Person 2. Person 1 laughs as Person 2 tries not to knock over a lamp. In my version, the lamp is also a character. This comic made me realize how attracted I am to drawing faces wracked with anxiety.