Mission Accomplished

Assignment (which you can see written in the margins here): draw a ball breaking though a kitchen window and a newspaper, then being caught by a dog. I thought that was boring, so I added the the things you see here. The background of suburbs is a printout I cut and pasted over and around the drawing in my sketchbook.


Blue Moon

Below are the sketches for the finished comic above. The assignment: draw a comic, at least six panels, about a character who drastically changes emotions in each frame. This shift in attitude must be shown in the character's face, their body language, their words and the way the text is written, and the background.

The reason for all nudity in the sketches is 'underdrawing'; essentially, it's a lot easier to draw clothes on someone when you know how their butt looks. Similarly, it's a lot easier to draw a butt if you draw the pelvic bone, muscles, tendons and fat first.


Elephant Tattoo

On the plane back from California last month, I met two very nice couples. One of the women sat next to me, and noticed that I was drawing this comic. She asked, "do you ever draw animals?" And I said, "it depends on the animal," and she replied, "elephants" and I answered, "yes, they used to be my favorite animal."

It turned out that her sister-in-law, the woman sitting in the seat in front of me, was looking for a rendering of five elephants holding trunks to tails in a circle for a tattoo she wanted. The couples didn't know any artists, apparently, so they were willing to offer the job to a strange girl on a plane. I showed the women some of my comics to prove to them that I can actually draw, although they didn't seem too worried, and they paid me in advance. I emailed these two images off last week.



This comic is really stupid. I drew it last semester.


Two Part Philosopher

Dream comic from a dream I had while in San Francisco, sick with fever. Colored pencils!


Bonus Cat Friday

I know I said I wouldn't begin updating until Tuesday, but here are some photos I took on my grandfather's old camera. These two cats belong to Deborah. The grey one is named Saturn and the fluffy one is Tickles. I took the pictures of Tickles this February, and the photos of Saturn come from a roll I developed, having forgotten what it was, from 2004.



As you may have noticed, I have been absent and unreliable in regards to updates recently. Once a pinnacle of responsibility, I have now regressed into a vegetative state of almost complete neglect. I regret this! You must know, dear reader, that I care only and utmost for your happiness, and, since you are here, you must receive some pleasure from the warm sensation of viewing a new entry - a pleasure which I have been denying you.
I can only offer midterms and ridiculously high stress levels (and ridiculously low sleep levels) as an excuse. Additionally, a pace which was initially created in effort to catalog a lot of my older work, that being thrice weekly, has pretty much caught up to me, and it is overwhelming to capture new images of new work all the time.
Because of this I am announcing a new update schedule: Two times a week, on Tuesday and Friday, with attempts to make those updates happen in the morning. I will begin this schedule next Tuesday, the 17th, after my spring break, during which I will be in the freezing cold woods of southern Illinois, in a tent, probably drinking to stay warm. For now, you can see a Sherrif Cat cartoon from last semester, posted above. Sherrif Cat got a new haircut, and that haircut involved steps. Sweet!

Here is a video I recorded in bad judgement last Saturday, the seventh, to prove how tired I have been. I love you guys!