Organ Music

This was my first project for my drawing class last semester. Graphite pencil and pen.


Paper Corset

My Winter Interim class is called "Shaping the Female Form". Our first assignment was to make a corset out of paper. Here is my finished product; I'm currently working on a real corset, the final assignment. I made this corset out of a book I picked up for $1 at the Salvation Army (The Sexual Wilderness), red duct tape, Scotch tape, staples, and red ribbon.


Old Photos

These are some photo portraits I took in my senior year of high school (2003-2004) that were also part of my portfolio for school.

My friend Susanna's (who I wrote about recently... see below) dad, John.

Susanna's mother, Rondi.

My grandfather, Franklyn Hill. This is maybe my favorite photograph I've ever taken.

Old Drawings

These are all drawings from last year that were part of my portfolio to get into school.

My old roommate Joe. I started doing portraiture a while ago - it really was the gateway drug for the rest of my figure drawing facinations.

This drawing was for a Cooper Union prompt: "In a series of images, define the boundary between subject and object".

Another Cooper prompt: "Make a self-portrait defined by markings of experiences or events". I didn't get into Cooper Union, probably because these two drawings were really the only good ones I sent in (they had 6 prompts) but these were two of my favorite pieces from the year.

This is the original of the Spiral Dance poster I was commissioned for in 2005. After I drew this some hack colored it in. I hate them.

When I worked at Peet's last year I spent a lot of time drawing on pastry bags with sharpies. This was my favorite production (those are pastry tongs).