House Fuck

This is my final film for this last semester. It's called 'House Fuck' partially because I think it's funny, but mostly because I was trying to explore the way the richness of color and texture in my apartment and apartment building feel. The first thing I do most days, after getting home, is take off all my clothes and lie down in the middle of the carpet on my floor. I love the way the light comes through my windows, and the cracks in the walls, and the ridiculous layers of paint on the radiator. I love the things I've filled my space with, and the leather and wood that reflect their glow onto everything around them.

This is the raw footage, so it's completely unedited. It's 300 feet of Kodak 200T color negative, and I shot it on a Bolex using a 25mm lens, a close up lens, and various lengths of extension tubes. It was filmed the Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving, and I am incredibly indebted to Jojo, Erin, and Declan for helping me. Also Alex Lake for transferring it to video for me.

Happy Holidays! See you on the 5th.


Exquisite Thanksgiving Corpses

My sister and I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner this year for about ten people. It was a great success after three days of cooking and lots and lots of money spent on food. We ate turkey and potatoes and cornbread and pie and then we all went on the roof, and then we came down and after half of the party left the rest of us gathered around a candle on the floor and drew exquisite corpses.

There were five of us, and the passing method was somewhat haphazard, but each corpse got three sections. Chaz carries a huge bag of crayons with him at all times, and it was the perfect medium at the right moment.

Cyber Mind indeed.


House Panels

I built a house in my freshman year, fall semester, that was six feet tall and collapsible, made up mostly of found materials; I built four 3' x 4' wooden frames and two 3' x 3' ones, stretched mesh across them, and stitched found fabric, found paper, and in the case of the the roof panels, discarded CTA cards over all the surfaces.

After the semester ended, I didn't really know what to do with the house. Each panel was connected by hinges but even in its flat aspect it took up a lot of room. So I dismantled it and discarded every piece but my two favorite walls, and the ornament I had hung inside.

I've kept those two favorite panels since then, and now they hang in the entrance to my apartment.


Eat A Dick

This is another zine I drew last month. I've been making a lot of these little guys, and xeroxing them and handing them out to people. I sold a couple at the holiday art fair, and there were plenty who didn't buy them but read them and were enchanted.

I've spaced out the pages for you here so you can read it as you would if you were flipping through the book, as well as attached the complete pdf if you want to print it out and fold it yourself, following the instructions I provided last time.

By the way, this is based on a real conversation I had.


Practice Shots


Apologies for my lack of posts for the previous two weeks. It's been finals, and Blogger was reluctant to allow me to upload photos, and I was staying awake for 76 hours at a time. Anyway, to make up for it, there will be updates every weekday this week, after which I will be taking another break to celebrate the holidays (and my sister's 16th birthday! Happy birthday Jojo!) and will begin updating again as usual on January 5th.

This is something of a compilation. It was the first roll of film shot in my film class (film 1) this semester; in our group, each student got a shot. We were instructed to do something interesting with lighting. That's me in the first shot, since no one else would volunteer to sit under the lights. My shot is the one about two thirds of the way through, of the two faces, one front facing and one in profile. I really wanted to capture two portraits really close together with completely different lighting. In that I succeeded (it was hard!). The video transfer blew out this film a little more than it already was, so my friend Alex's face is more invisible than it should be, but it is intentionally overexposed. That's me with the gloves, as well. Check out the wicked bruise on my arm in the last shot.