Go Down

Brain Frame 4 happened last month, and it was the last time I'll be performing at Brain Frame in a while. Partially because I need a break from simultaneously orchestrating an entire show and composing my own multimedia extravaganza to reveal at said event, and partially because I've kind of run out of comics. The piece I performed last month was Go Down, from Chromazoid issue 1. I built the slideshow into a video file using Final Cut, and added a second projection - an oval of light, shifting and flashing colors, to be projected on me as I sat on a ladder in a white dress. I had a V20 looping pedal, into which I programmed about 12 different voices, to create layered soundscapes as well as voices for each character and magic crystal sounds.

I've posted parts of the comic before, but I was holding out on showing the whole thing because I wanted you guys to support Chromazoid. Now that Chromazoid is a reality, I'm happy to share the entire comic, and hopefully you'll like it enough to go out and purchase your own copy.

UPDATE: Here is the video of a more recent (and superior) performance, at The Burlington on July 12th, 2012. The original video, from Brain Frame 4, is below that.

And, finally, here is the video (thanks Jenna!) of my performance.