Tribune and Other News

Last week, the Chicago Tribune published an article on the front page of the Arts & Entertainment section about Brain Frame. It's glowing, a bit dishy, and generously captures the experimental spirit and unique results of the show. Read it here.

Shooting for Uzi's Party has wrapped; we finished recording at 10pm the night before Jojo's return flight to California, for which we arose at 5am. About two thirds of the footage has returned from the laboratory, and it's stunning. Once I have my complete work print, I'll make a digital transfer and begin editing. Look forward to some stills and maybe a teaser edit soon.

A few months ago, I assisted Jenna Caravello by directing the photography of her music video for Mines, a Chicago band fronted by Bill Satek. It was a lot of fun lighting and shooting the jello molds Jenna created. We shot on Tri-X B&W reversal and 200T color negative 16mm film. This weekend, Jenna and I will shoot another music video on film, for Ryley Walker. Here's the Mines video: