Matte Box Experiments

Before filming The Mystic last semester, I was experimenting a lot with the Bolex mattebox, cutting my own mattes with different flaps in them so I could expose different parts of the image at a time. I worked on creating composite images and multiply exposed images in camera. These trial runs helped me immensely in figuring out how to complete The Mystic.

This was my first experiment. I exposed one v-shaped section of the frame at a time, keeping the camera in roughly the same place (this is filmed from a concrete wall at the intersection of LSD and Monroe) and letting each shot run for about 30 seconds, a full wind on the Bolex. Those dark shapes at the top right of the frame are my fingers holding the flaps up, one at a time. I had to rewind the camera between each exposure, so this strip of film was exposed six times.

This was actually my last experiment that day, in the darkened cafeteria of the Columbus Building. I wanted the shapes to look like they were traveling across the frame, so I used the frame counter to rewind between each take back to the middle of the previous one.

This was my second try (and first success) at making triple exposed matted images. For this shoot I planned out a series on my stright-cut flap matte. I wanted each section of the frame to be exposed three times. I wrote out the sets so that the whole film would be run through the camera six times, with a different organization of flaps open each time.