Recent Days (Urgent Care)

In between two jobs, running Brain Frame, a few commissions, attending all the coolest Chicago events, making 'boner' puns, and occasionally relaxing, I've been working hard on my autobiographic book Recent Days. It's been in the works for two years. I'm on a tear, now. Here's an amusing update.


Night Terrors

Tyson's solo project, Night Terror, has finally released an album. I had a dream that it was called Night Terrors. I told Tyson and then he named it Night Terrors. It is available for $8 from Living Tapes, a label based in Los Angeles, and it's really good. You can also listen to the whole thing and buy a digital copy here.

I designed this new logo, and adapted it for the various merchandise seen below. Please buy the tape, or, if you're in Pittsburgh, New York City, Baltimore, or Chicago, come to one of the following shows on our upcoming mini-tour. I'll be doing scary slide projections and operating a fog machine. Click here for more detailed information.

+ 04-18 Pittsburgh at Brillobox w/ Majeure (mbr. Zombi)
+ 04-22 Brooklyn at Death By Audio w/ Alan Watts; The Flag; Trabajo
+ 04-23 Baltimore at Golden West w/ Cross; Vlonde
+ 04-26 Chicago at Lake Paradise w/ Bitchin' Bajas; Quicksails

The pin is 1/2" on each side, and printed on silver paper. Here's the original tape cover design.