Old Drawings

These are all drawings from last year that were part of my portfolio to get into school.

My old roommate Joe. I started doing portraiture a while ago - it really was the gateway drug for the rest of my figure drawing facinations.

This drawing was for a Cooper Union prompt: "In a series of images, define the boundary between subject and object".

Another Cooper prompt: "Make a self-portrait defined by markings of experiences or events". I didn't get into Cooper Union, probably because these two drawings were really the only good ones I sent in (they had 6 prompts) but these were two of my favorite pieces from the year.

This is the original of the Spiral Dance poster I was commissioned for in 2005. After I drew this some hack colored it in. I hate them.

When I worked at Peet's last year I spent a lot of time drawing on pastry bags with sharpies. This was my favorite production (those are pastry tongs).


  1. which Peet's did you work at? I totally recognize those tongs! I use them for my Peet's school of Lobster Kung Fu - beware!

  2. Anna17:03

    I have the Spiral Dance poster on the wall next to my bed . . . *sigh* I miss the Bay. And you.


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