Pantheacon, Insignificance

This was me last weekend, running Anne's booth three days in a row. Pantheacon is a Pagan convention that my family has been attending since its inception. Naturally I felt it was important to support mainstream music (The Strokes) while selling music no one ever listens to (most of what's in front of me).

I was also attempting to sell cards, buttons, envelopes, and portraits which, through being so utterly brilliant, blindsided most potential customers into utterly ignoring them.

I handmade all cards buttons envelopes etc myself and was continuing to make buttons all weekend. Most of them were made of cloth from old t-shirts. The cheap ones I stamped with potato stamps I cut, and the sewn ones I embroidered and embelleshed before turning into buttons. For the cards I cut a linoleum print of a witch smoking and drinking (in honor of all my lovely role models in the Pagan community) and then tore cards of my own design (when you tear - as opposed to cut - the edges of paper forms it gives them a nice fine quality). I made the envelopes out of old calendars.

I also made all the signs. They're also torn paper, held together with armature wire. The letters are stamped on from two kits I purchased last winter at Paxton Gate. I used the same stamps on my Christmas presents this year, as seen below.

And, because I know you don't care, here are some pictures of my dorm room walls and what is on them.

My dorm room contains a kitchenette which I don't actually stand on all that often. All paintings in this picture are mine.

Here is one last closeup of some of the buttons I made at Pantheacon, being worn by their owners, my father and sister.


  1. susanna16:05

    i would buy your buttons any day, my dear.

  2. zella00:33

    blaugh i miss you.
    also, all your clothes seem to've sprung from one color. !


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