Final Crit: Fibers

For my final critique in Fibers, I stayed awake for roughly 72 hours making glasses. For class, I wore business casual attire, purchased a hand mirror at CVS, displayed my spectacles in an orderly fashion in my "briefcase" (my grandmother's old suitcase) and when it was my turn, trotted to the front of the class and attempted to sell my creations. I asked everyone to come up and try them on, and after my performance was over, I allowed each class member to pick a pair to take home.
I wanted to sell these ridiculous, faulty, completely non-functional lenses as so useful as to grant their wearer super powers, so fashionable and versatile that you'd never want to take them off. My little spiel was entirely fabricated, of course, out of lies, but after class was over I did have the distinct impression that something magical was in play. Each girl managed to pick a pair of glasses that precisely suited their personality, face, and even outfit, seemingly on accident; and there were just enough left to take home for Molly, Mandy and myself - that also matched perfectly.
I took pictures of each girl and their accessory, and the album can be seen here.

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  1. Anonymous11:48

    How completely appropriate to fabricate something for a fibers/fabric class. I love the double entendre of the sales pitch--and the spectacles are great!


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