I made this for my friend Fern while I was living in San Francisco several years ago. I was really into recycling found fabric into functional objects and clothes. This came directly after I made a 'Cripple Crate' for my friend Ilyse, who was laid up with a broken leg and no one but a milk crate to keep her and her remote control company ((not actually true)). The Cripple Crate was a wrap-around corset that snugly hugged the milk crate and created loads of multi-functional pockets of various sizes.

This pretty little bag operated as a fannypack for Fern, since she needed something small to keep cash in for an upcoming bodyworker convention. It also operated as me learning how to make something with lining.

The tying parts are of the same fabric, sewn into cords, braided, and sewn again.

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  1. anne hill19:50

    Your great-grandmothers would be very proud of all those even stitches!


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