Screaming Teeth

From my comics sketchbook, this is a drawing of a nightmare I had in second grade. In the dream, I'm on the schoolbus, in front of my school. The driver is saying from her seat, "come on, get off the bus, we're here" but there is a giant pair of dentures in my way, uttering a bloodcurdling, piercing, unending shriek, and I can't get past it.


  1. GAWD! This is SO great- it should be something somewhere! Album cover- designer tag of unusually hip clothing- something somewhere big! Awesome art- you are the SHITE!

  2. Creepy and awesome!

    Glad I didn't have that dream ... poor you!

  3. nice. teeth dreams are anxiety dreams; teeth are what protect us from choking, literally and symbolically "chewing" the things we need to live, in order to digest them properly. obviously this was a nightmare, but it's interesting to see the different ways teeth show up in our dreams. i've had dreams about teeth ever since i was young. peculiar that they would be dentures though. wonder what that means?


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