House Panels

I built a house in my freshman year, fall semester, that was six feet tall and collapsible, made up mostly of found materials; I built four 3' x 4' wooden frames and two 3' x 3' ones, stretched mesh across them, and stitched found fabric, found paper, and in the case of the the roof panels, discarded CTA cards over all the surfaces.

After the semester ended, I didn't really know what to do with the house. Each panel was connected by hinges but even in its flat aspect it took up a lot of room. So I dismantled it and discarded every piece but my two favorite walls, and the ornament I had hung inside.

I've kept those two favorite panels since then, and now they hang in the entrance to my apartment.


  1. I LOVE when you update every day!

    "I built a house and then didn't know what to do with it". Reminds me of this, the fourth one. Also of Unica Zürn's Solfege.

  2. thank you for these links. they are excellent.

  3. Anonymous19:58

    WOW! These all tell a story, excelent food for thought! Kim


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