Practice Shots


Apologies for my lack of posts for the previous two weeks. It's been finals, and Blogger was reluctant to allow me to upload photos, and I was staying awake for 76 hours at a time. Anyway, to make up for it, there will be updates every weekday this week, after which I will be taking another break to celebrate the holidays (and my sister's 16th birthday! Happy birthday Jojo!) and will begin updating again as usual on January 5th.

This is something of a compilation. It was the first roll of film shot in my film class (film 1) this semester; in our group, each student got a shot. We were instructed to do something interesting with lighting. That's me in the first shot, since no one else would volunteer to sit under the lights. My shot is the one about two thirds of the way through, of the two faces, one front facing and one in profile. I really wanted to capture two portraits really close together with completely different lighting. In that I succeeded (it was hard!). The video transfer blew out this film a little more than it already was, so my friend Alex's face is more invisible than it should be, but it is intentionally overexposed. That's me with the gloves, as well. Check out the wicked bruise on my arm in the last shot.

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