Sherrif Cat

A year ago, in my Video 1 class, my friend Nick Edelberg and I used to pass notes constantly, when we weren't commenting insightfully on our classmate's work. A couple times we passed comic games back and forth: for example, I would draw the panels and empty word balloons of a short comic strip, and he would fill in the text, and vice versa. Thus, Sherrif Cat was born.

I really liked Sherrif Cat as a character, the kind of asshole lawmaker who doesn't actually uphold the law, rather uses it for his own benefit. We also decided that Sherrif Cat must end every strip he's in by saying 'True Dat'. (Get it? Sherrif Cat says True Dat!) Here he is in a very, very nerdy comic, Sherrif Cat Fights For Truth In: The Fibb-a-Nazi Sequence! (See, it's a play on the Fibonacci Sequence, but about lying Nazis making math puns.)

Sadly, the original Sherrif Cat drawings have been lost, due to my sketchbook falling out of my bag while biking. People, I write my name and number in all my sketchbooks, but of the three I've lost, I've been returned zero. Losing a sketchbook is worse than losing your wallet, keys, and phone at the same time. If you ever find anyone's sketchbook, please return it to them.

P.S. I know 'sherrif' is actually spelled 'sheriff'. There's another comic about that where Sherrif cat is playing Guitar Hero.

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