Wonder Woman

This is my most recent Halloween costume (which I am wearing in this comic). I sewed the entire thing from tapestry and velour pieces I culled from my giant collection of old fabric and scraps.

I was looking primarily at one specific poster I have hanging on my wall, and while the tones of the fabric I chose are definitely more earthy, I like to think I got the pattern pretty close (minus the stars on the shorts and the head of the eagle).

I also added some beadwork to the headband, cause once you're on that crafty road, you can't really turn off and head down a different route.

I built the pattern around a corset I have (which is also what I relied on to support the costume underneath) and built the shorts around myself. It was an intensive trial and error process, and I only finished at midnight on Halloween, but it was totally worth it.


  1. I love this costume! Especially the final picture of you in it.

  2. Anonymous06:34

    no comments

  3. Anonymous17:44

    Thinking: Not bad! Very SXXE.


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