Elephant Tattoo

On the plane back from California last month, I met two very nice couples. One of the women sat next to me, and noticed that I was drawing this comic. She asked, "do you ever draw animals?" And I said, "it depends on the animal," and she replied, "elephants" and I answered, "yes, they used to be my favorite animal."

It turned out that her sister-in-law, the woman sitting in the seat in front of me, was looking for a rendering of five elephants holding trunks to tails in a circle for a tattoo she wanted. The couples didn't know any artists, apparently, so they were willing to offer the job to a strange girl on a plane. I showed the women some of my comics to prove to them that I can actually draw, although they didn't seem too worried, and they paid me in advance. I emailed these two images off last week.

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  1. Hey girl hey!

    I found your fantastic five elephants from a google image search. I may be interested in using them, as you suggest, toward my own nefarious ends. I come from Chicago, but I've recently moved to NYC and opened my own business, Five Elephants Acupuncture. I'm hoping to incorporate your design into my logo.

    Please hit me up to talk details! My name is Becky and you can email me at ohmygodbecky@gmail.com or call 270-559-5906.



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