It's Tearing Me Apart

Another assignment from last semester: create two one-page comics, both telling the same story, one very quickly and one very slowly. This was my twofold interpretation of a colloquialism. It turned out really emo. Here's the second comic:

There was another row of panels on the bottom of this page when I originally drew it, but I never got around to inking them and then I lost the original (which sucks so hard- I think I left it in the copy machine). It showed the second girl (the head on the right, above) walking up and reinserting the first girl's eyeball into her socket. Without that piece of this brief narrative, the two comics don't relate quite as well to each other, but on its own I like the second comic better sans the final row. As a portfolio piece I'm very happy with the drawing styles and composition of both of these comics, but thematically I cringe when I look at them; as stated before, totally emo, and also that chick on the right looks like an anime character.


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