What have I been doing? I hear maybe one, maybe no one ask. Well, here's the answer: I've been planning for bigger and better things! I've been working on finishing not one, not two, but three films! I've been reorganizing my house! I've been reading a lot of feminist literary theory. This has been the main activity. And also... I've become Co-President of the Experimental Film Society!
Ross, Randy and I have organized a tight schedule of screenings and meetings throughout the semester. Every alternate Monday we're screening an hour-long series of 16mm experimental films, and the Mondays between those we're meeting with fellow students for workshops on shooting, hand-processing, and other ways of manipulating the materiality of moving pictures. One of the tasks that I have volunteered for specifically is creating fliers and posters for each of these events. Observe:

I'm attempting, with the fliers for the workshops, to project the absolute friendliest face possible. I think the cheesy wording and pictures of kids having so much fun is really funny in an approachable way, which is constructive considering the reputation for purist elitism that haunts the tired argument between film and video.

With these posters, I'm exploring different styles purely for my own interest and pleasure, with the consistent thread of camera/projector-headed figures. I'm not actually a fan of the Are You Experienced poster - the design ended up muddled and confusing, with too much black and too much in general. While there are good things about it - I really like that font I made up in the lower right corner - on the whole I wished I had turned it out completely differently. The second poser was an effort towards lightness and legibility, without losing any of the interest.


  1. Anonymous19:17

    I like the poster to the second meeting because it is really gay

  2. word to anonymous

  3. Hey Lyra - You are extremely talented to express so much with so few lines in drawing and love your writing too. Can't wait to meet you over the holidays. Your mom's friend and neighbor, Eileen

  4. Anonymous10:21

    zella i love you


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