8 Films by Robert Breer

Hey look, another EFS poster! This one is for a screening this upcoming Sunday, showcasing the work of Robert Breer, one of the most influential, important experimental animators ever. If you like experimental animation, check it out. And, if you're in Chicago, you have no excuse not to attend this screening.

This poster was made using a technique Alexander Stewart suggested to me: color separation using the school's color copiers, set to 'single color' output. I hand drew each different color layer with a sharpie on printer paper, then copied each, set to either red, green, or blue, onto the original black printouts. It yielded really rich, mis-registered results, which is exactly what I was looking for. I often find color copies to be super ugly, but I love this method.

The design is a play on Breer's style, as if you could condense his immense body of work into any kind of succinct aesthetic (you can't). Anyway, I tried.

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  1. This is sweet Lyra! It makes me want to go find a color copier to play with.


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