By and About: Jack Smith

Another day, another poster. Variations on a theme. The natural evolution of practicing printmaking on the color copiers. The next EFS event is a screening of four films, all starring Jack Smith - two by the man himself and one each by Ron Rice and Ken Jacobs, some of the other unknown Warhol Superstars.

Jack Smith is the most important underground filmmaker you've never heard of. Some quotes:
"The only artist I would ever copy" - Andy Warhol
"He was the king of the underground." George Kuchar
"The godfather of performance art." Laurie Anderson
"The only true underground filmmaker." John Waters

Come, if you're around.

In other news, my friend Francisco recently interviewed my other friend Matt O'Shaughnessy and myself on his radio show, GRINGO with Francisco Francisco. We talked about filmmaking, and what EFS does, and all kinds of other fun things. If you'd like to listen to the episode, go here. You can hear my dumb laugh a lot. The music is really loud in the beginning but it gets fixed, don't worry.

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