Crystal Concert

Hey, listen. I'm going to be reading Go Down again, at the Burlington, on the 12th of July (a Thursday). The show starts at 9:00pm sharp, and there's a suggested donation of $7. It's gonna be real good and if you're in Chicago you should go. Seriously, this is a great line up. It's a new environment for me; aside from the CAKE benefit at Mortville, I've never been the one performance artist in an otherwise musical revue. Hopefully people will dig it. I think they will.

Xina Xurner make "noise diva drag dance-anthems that ooze sex, death, and decay," Night Terror makes delicious, creepy electronic dance-prog that you can't dance to because it's melting your bones and in a really upsetting time signature, and Gel Set makes "dark electro-pop" with a seductive voice and a morbid sense of humor. Sign up on Facebook here.

I challenged myself to design this poster in under an hour, and succeeded. The actual Photoshopping and printing took several hours more, but on the whole, this flier was a remarkably simple effort for an impressive payoff. Each color is a different color separation layer. In the original file, they all line up perfectly. I wanted them to misregister, however, for perhaps obvious reasons: the computer text at the bottom fragments, and the overlapping facets combine to form really nice new tones.

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