I recently finished a collaborative comic with Anne Elizabeth Moore for her Ladydrawers series on Truthout. You can go read the full comic, as well as the reactionary comments, here.

Ladydrawers is a series of strips, each drawn by a different female artist, about female artists in the comics industry. Anne Moore and her team collect statistics from a variety of women and transpeople in the biz. My comic focuses on gender and sexuality-based harassment, and features personal stories collected by the ladydrawers and Janelle Asselin.

I drew this strip while I was vacationing with Tyson in Utah. The comic has nothing to do with Utah. I made a cake in Utah and we ate it all weekend, and went on some hikes and to a drive-in movie.


CAKE was the best goddamned comics convention I've ever attended in my whole fuckerfucking life. I met so many amazing people and had endless exciting conversations. If you saw/talked to/yelled at/listened to me during CAKE, thank you for existing. CAKE, thank you for existing. I'm verklemmt.

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