Brain Frame 10


The night awaits the warm orb of the coming sun with desperation tantamount only to your yearning for the new year’s first performative comix reading. Six brave artists breathe fire into their creations, bringing them to NEW LIFE! Witness miracles: a trembling science fiction, a devastation, a sweet song, a game, a meditation. All this and more courtesy of:

Ezra Claytan Daniels
Sara Drake with Anna Barnes
Lyra Hill
Grant Reynolds
Andy Roche
Marian Runk

Live sonic landscapes by Tyson Torstensen

1542 N Milwaukee, 2nd floor, 9:00pm, $7

(I made this poster with Jenna Caravello. We worked out the building together, she drew the tiles, the people, and the outside, I drew the lions, the plants, and the text. I colored it all last night and this morning in between shooting 288 slides for my reading. I'll be helping Andrew Ghrist screen print it today. Soooo tiiiired.)

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