Llama Man: Sketchbook

Starting around the age of four or five and continuing until around twelve, my most prominent recurring nightmare involved a tall, tall man in a black llama suit.

He had a human face and hands, but wore a full body suit and had hooves instead of feet. He was always grinning, usually hunched over, and took pleasure in hiding children on hooks in the basement of a lifesize dollhouse. His human features were long, drawn, and really creepy.

The most common narrative of my Llama Man dream began with me pulling up in a minivan to a large, abandoned field in the middle of the forest. Across the field we can see our new home. The car holds myself and an unknown family.

We can see the house from across the clearing. There is a large cutaway where the living room is, and there is also a figure lurking around the treeline.

These are all sketches from my nightmare notebook, which I started over a year ago specifically for the purpose of reviving Llama Man under my own terms, through my artwork. Since then I have created myriad drawings and quite a few sculptural objects featuring or about him. I also made a life size costume for myself, mask, gloves, suit, stilts and all. Here are some more pages from my book, and a bit of the costume.


  1. Wow! These are amazing!

    (shades of Pan's Labyrinth in here, too)

  2. More. Please!!!!!
    I miss you.

  3. This actually vaguely reminds me of Haruki Murakami's "A Wild Sheep Chase." It's been a few years since I read it but I believe the narrator winds up in the backwoods of Hokkaidō, Japan. There he finds a old, almost-abandoned hotel. In the woods around the hotel lives the Sheep Man, who is a man in a sheep costume who speaks entire sentences as though they were one word with no breaks or breaths or pauses or anything.


  4. Thanks Ryan, that is amazing.


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