Sketchbook: Lotus Eater

This summer I took a class called Madness, about mental disorders and how the West has conceptualized schizophrenia and mood disorders from the present day back to Freud. I doodled a lot in that class. I drew these daisies, one day, and then wondered at their edges and what I might be able to fit into those.


  1. YES!!! YOU'RE BACK!!! Love your blogishness! Love your art and the way your brain works it!You are on my faves and I have been checking your blog daily...Great new post! Thanks!

  2. It's so nice to see new stuff from you!!

    (err, Big Anna)

  3. natalie recca18:20

    i love this picture! ive been looking around for ideas for a new tattoo involving the lotos eaters and if you dont mind, this would be perfect! if thats a problem could you email me at natsprat@mac.com?


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