Hollow Book

I've been thinking lately, after seeing my best friend make a hollow book, that I would like to do it too. I've always been fascinated by secrets, and books, and especially secret books or bookshelves, and after we looked up how to do it it seemed too easy not to.

My next question is, what can I do with this? It's nice to have some hollow books around, but to satiate my undying appetite for monotonous repetition, I'd like to somehow make this process profitable so I therefore feel obliged to manufacture over and over again. I was thinking I could sell these at Pantheacon or my school's Holiday Art Sale. The Pantheacon question prompted me to wonder if I should make them more witchy, specifically: Wouldn't it be cool to keep Tarot cards in a hollow book? I could cut the holes in the correct dimensions and line them with some nice fabric. Or, wouldn't it be cool to have little hidden diorama/alters (in the vein of Deborah's wall alters) in your bookshelf?

Any thoughts as to if these ideas are good, interesting, salable? I really enjoy making these and want to know if it's a sensible idea.


  1. See if the Boring Store wants to buy any. I know they sell hollow books and hollow soda cans and other hidden safes to hide things in. Maybe you can make em cheaper than the place they get em from.

  2. Drugzzzz. Beat other dealers' prices by shipping media mail!


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