Oh My God There's A Clown Over There

I really wanted to talk to him because I wanted to tell him that I went to Circus School; for some reason I was strongly inclined to reassure him that I, unlike many people I know, am not afraid of and actually really like clowns. I felt like I was making some progress in a campaign to end clown-hate. It was probably the whiskey.

I submitted this to Xerox Candy Bar, a comics zine that SAIC puts out quarterly.


  1. FOCK'N brilliant! Still don't care much for clowns but I do love this poste! Thanks! Too cool!

  2. Lyra this is great.

  3. natalie19:58

    your art is like a good park- i could get lost in it and not mind at all.

  4. anne hill21:30

    This whole cartoon feels like fun. Not just that it was an enjoyable moment but that you really had fun drawing it, too. I don't know how to describe it--light-hearted lines? Playful curves? Now I'm starting to sound like an art student!


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