Fiber Portfolio 1

This is old news; the second semester of my freshman year I was in a class called Intro to Fibers. More about process than concept, much of the spring was spent learning new ways to create, dye, embellish or print things, and at the end of the class a portfolio was due of examples displaying our mastery of the techniques explored. Above is the box I created to house my portfolio, fulfilling the "something machine sewn" requirement.

The inside of the box is seen above, as well as some of the contents.

Above is my felting sample. In class, our teacher said, "Of course, it's impossible to felt an exact square, and you should probably just get close and then cut it afterwards if that's what you want." Being a contrarian, this was my attempt at a perfect square.

Next is twining, or coiling. This is a basket making or sculptural process where you wrap yarn (or twine, duh) around some more yarn (or twine) and occasionally thread it back through the preceeding coils to make a form. I wanted to do something difficult (duh) so this is my twined sphere.

Another basket making process, here we have the basket weave. Colorful! Cube!

We also had to have an 'extra' technique displayed; I picked screenprinting, and printed this fabric which became the inside of the box at the same time as these shirts.


  1. That needlepoint (or maybe it isn't actually a needlepoint) is so awesome! I love it.

  2. wow! I want to go to a fun school! Your projects are awesome! I love how your brain works- it's a good one- don't worry- I will not tell the Zombies where you live...

  3. I can't believe you never made me a macareux anything. Did you see that Amos has a website now? It's amosgoldbaum.com. If I order one of his projector shirts to you, will you print something in the middle and mail it to Bolivia?


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