Fiber Portfolio 2

Some other techniques we had to demonstrate for our portfolio in Intro to Fibers were crochet:

And knitting. Below is some standard knit/pearl/knit/pearl, and checkers made by alternating ribbing.

One of my favorite techniques we had to exercise, and which I still use to a great extent today in my work, was embroidery and beading.

This is a found piece of fabric with an old screenprint on it. It has been appliqued to the muslin and then stitched around with backstitched rings, a few stitches I made up, and julienne stitches (the little loops). Satin stitch colored the women's lips and eyes, and made their speech bubble.

The beading around the edge is actually two colors of gold, making a little pattern of Venusian symbols.

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  1. That patch! MY GAWD- so amazing- what is that compicated stitch? I want to learn that! Beautiful!


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