Fiber Portfolio 3

I hope you all had a happy Halloween! Here is the third installment of my Fibers portfolio from freshman year; soon I'll put up pictures of the costume I made myself last week.

Apart from knitting and crocheting we also had to do weaving. The tiny weave above was done on a frame loom, that is, a picture frame turned into a miniature loom. I like to think of it as some kind of tiny moon-and-mountain-scape.

The rest of our required techniques all involved printing or dying of some kind. Above is a detail of one of my Shibori samples. Shibori is a Japanese practice of sewing and wrapping silk (or linen, in my case) tightly with string or thread and then dying it, allowing the string to create patterns where the dye cannot penetrate. This example was done by wrapping peaks of fabric and dying with several different colors.

These two were the stitched Shibori. You can see in the details below how the fabric has been crimped by the thread I pulled through it. (These are poor examples for Shibori - had I done them better the light areas would be free of dye. It's really hard!)

And last but not least, here is my blockprinting sample. You can see the pattern I made for this in this photo. I cut two symmetrical foam 3"x3" squares into stamps and made a two color pattern out of them. I quite like this.

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  1. LOVE this post! The block print GREAT! LOVE your work, very inspiring! Thank you, talented YOU!


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