House Fuck

This is my final film for this last semester. It's called 'House Fuck' partially because I think it's funny, but mostly because I was trying to explore the way the richness of color and texture in my apartment and apartment building feel. The first thing I do most days, after getting home, is take off all my clothes and lie down in the middle of the carpet on my floor. I love the way the light comes through my windows, and the cracks in the walls, and the ridiculous layers of paint on the radiator. I love the things I've filled my space with, and the leather and wood that reflect their glow onto everything around them.

This is the raw footage, so it's completely unedited. It's 300 feet of Kodak 200T color negative, and I shot it on a Bolex using a 25mm lens, a close up lens, and various lengths of extension tubes. It was filmed the Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving, and I am incredibly indebted to Jojo, Erin, and Declan for helping me. Also Alex Lake for transferring it to video for me.

Happy Holidays! See you on the 5th.


  1. did i just see your ass?

  2. No, that is the ass of a man.

  3. did you film my ass and not tell me?


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