Llama Man: Inkings and Rubber

In the drawing class I took spring semester of last year (that's 2008, everybody) I focused more on the antagonist of my childhood nightmare, Llama Man. The drawing above was my attempt at a complete encapsulation of the nightmare, with myself cowering in the corner of the house, after the children from the anonymous family have been hung up in the basement as their parents remain indifferent.

The next four drawings are exercises I did testing out different compositions for the larger piece. I made them after drawing the piece above, so functionally they are practices for a second, improved bigger drawing. Some of the problems my teacher and I had with the first drawing were the open negative spaces. We wanted Llama Man to really take over the drawing. We also thought the background or environment could take a more prominent role. Several different approaches were tried. (The last one is my favorite.)

I also think the faces in all of these are priceless.

One more Llama Man thing I did in 2007 (the previous semester) was use his face as a test for creating plaster molds for rubber casts, something I'd never done before. So I sculpted a little Llama Man head out of oil clay, made a plaster relief, and then poured rubber into it, ending up with this tiny, grotesque purple head:

Happy New Year everybody! Regular thrice-weekly posting commences NOW.

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