Face Test, Documentation

I spent much of Wednesday night in the shooting space at school, exposing my first 50-ft roll of Super 8 film. There was no real cohesive structure to what I shot, and definitely no narrative thread, but it was really fun and assuming nothing terrible happens, I've very excited to see the finished product.

My friends Molly Gilbert and Nick Jackson helped by letting me impose upon different parts of them a variety of faces, eyes, mouths, and holographic glasses. I drew on them with white out, eyeliner (liquid and pencil), lipstick, and ballpoint pen while we passed a digital camera around to whoever's hands were free.

Most film runs at 24 frames per second, but Super 8 runs at 18fps. I shot at this speed, as well as 9fps (for sped-up playback) and 24fps (for slightly slow motion, as well as a richer image). I also did several seconds of stop motion shooting, taking one frame at a time to animate Molly's creepy fake eyes and Nick putting lipstick on with his tongue.

I'm crossing my fingers hoping I didn't under- or over-expose. If it comes back from the lab alright you can all look forward to seeing it up here soon.

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