Tie Your Shoe, Beautiful Redux

On Tuesday morning I had to show up to my Artist's Books class with an edition of 15 simple books. So I took the drawing I made last Friday in my comics class and turned it into a little 10-page pamphlet stitched volume.

The covers are made of an old pair of jeans I found in the scrap bin. Everything you see printed has been silkscreened, because I love silkscreening. The paper is nice and soft, thin drawing paper, because I love paper. The flow of images through the book worked out really well, and I find it interesting to compare reading the comic to flipping through the pages.

It's a simple book, but it's well made and very pleasing to handle. These are the only two I have left; the assignment was to pass a copy to each of your classmates and recieve one in return. So now I have even more tiny books. I'm going to have to buy some giant bin thing soon, a side effect of being into independant comics that I had not anticipated.

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  1. Anonymous19:59

    Wow, wonderful. Have fun with your mom.


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