For My Psychopomp

There is sound in this clip, and it's kind of quiet; I suggest you turn up the volume on your computer and also click the 'high quality' (HQ) button on the viewer.

Here it is, my final film for the semester and what I've been working on like a demon for the past three months. It's screening tonight for the first time. The word psychopomp is one that my mother brought to my knowledge, during a discussion of my film. I was telling her how I wanted to make a movie not only about my recurring childhood nightmare (you know, llama man) but how my relationship with that narrative and the character who inhabits it has changed. "He's turned into something like a muse," I told her, "he's like a conductor between my unconscious, which is where I think a lot of my creativity comes from, and my waking life, bringing me ideas."

Psychopomp literally means 'soul conductor' and refers to those people or things that act as escorts to the afterlife. In Jungian terminology, it means the mediator between conscious and unconscious minds. I dedicated this film to Llama Man, who I've decided is my personal psychopomp in the Jungian sense, and the dedication doubles as a title. (This is also why he shows up in the first pages of Night City, as a welcome committee.)

For My Psychopomp was shot on 16mm and Super 8 Tri-X film stock. All the stuff outside is Super 8.

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  1. I liked this it was super creepy at the part and reminded me of this movie I watched in a film class once.
    The Somnambulist.
    Have you seen it?

    I liked your movie better. I'm not really recommending you see the somnambulist but maybe you'd like it. it was too long and creepy for me.
    i liked your movie and also I don't know if you are looking for book recommendations but.

    Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

    I dunno if you've heard of this author, i've read three books by him and you should probably just read him, kafka on the shore was my favorite though. the idea of a conductor between your conscious and unconscious reminded me of it.

    I watched the movie first and then read what you said about it. now i might watch it again.

    anyways wassup i'm just hanging out on the internet late at night reading your art blog.



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