Llama Man: Documentation

Here are some photos documenting the making of my final film for the semester. Most of them are from the super 8 shoot, which happened in early March in the Chicago Forest Preserve and on Montrose Beach.

Mark and AJ helped me out with this part, AJ working the camera and Mark helping me get my costume on and off and move stuff around.

At first we were having a really difficult time as it had rained the previous day, so these big fields we were in were very muddy and my stilts got caught in the ground. This is a disaster for anyone who knows how to stiltwalk; because you have no ankles or toes on the bottom of your 'feet', you must keep in constant motion to stay balanced, and that is impossible if your legs are glued to the ground.

We finally had to find places for me to walk on concrete drains or paths, with a natural background to make it appear as though Llama Man were walking on the grass. This is why, in the film, you'll see that his feet are cut off in several shots.

AJ did really well considering he didn't know that much about film or shooting film. We'd frame shots together and then I would yell at him through my mask how many seconds I wanted him to roll. The time was around lunch, and there were lots of working men on their breaks, eating in parked cars and watching us.

Llama Man must have looked really bizarre to them, especially since this girl kept emerging from behind the mask. I would wave at them in costume as often as possible, and usually they were good sports about it and waved back. A couple cops stopped to ask what we were doing, if we were shooting a horror film. I said yes because I didn't really want to launch into the whole explaination.

The shoot for the 16mm stuff was way different and much harder. Most of the time was spent constructing the set.

My crew could not have been a better group of people. They were all very patient and supportive and I owe them eternally for it. Here's Zaven, my camera man, on the dolly at probably around three in the morning:

Thanks guys!


  1. Anonymous20:38

    Wow, I wish I could have shot this!

  2. Hey, my name is Chris Cambell, you probably don't remember me but we worked at Julius Meinl together for all of about two weeks (and then you quit I think). Anyway, I remember thinking that you were a very fascinating person and I've followed your art blog ever since. It's always very fascinating. I really like your work, I just thought I'd let you know. Happy summer.

  3. PS: I realized that I just used the word, "fascinating"two times in one very short paragraph. Suffice to say that I am vexed.


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