Bong Hits for Voting

So I'm in a class right now called "Sound and Image" and for the most part I've been finishing soundtracks for House Fuck and The Mysic (both of which have been edited/altered since I posted them here) as well as another movie I'm working on called My Sister At My Mother's House. In the meantime, though, I still have regular assignments.

One of those assignments was to ADR some footage. ADR stands for Automated Dialog Replacement, and it basically means dubbing over something. So that's my voice that you hear in the video above. Actually, every sound in the video above is me doing something (the original video had a Tool song playing the background; I chose not to recreate that). I picked the original video because Marijuana Man seemed like a nice guy and I like his videos. I hope he's not offended. Thanks, Marijuana Man!

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