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This event is past. Actually, all of the Experimental Film Society events (except one special one) for the spring semester have passed. I am relieved as well as saddened to be done with the constant barrage of minute, mundane tasks that were the running of EFS. (As well as larger, more interesting but similarly time and energy consuming tasks.)

This was a special screening for me. It wasn't the last screening, nor the second to last - those two spots were held by programs of work by Betzy Bromberg, an incredible filmmaker, teacher, and woman in general - but it was the last that I made a poster for. It was also the screening that I had the most to do with creatively. This was one of the few screenings Ross and I programmed that had more to do with a conceptual or stylistic idea as opposed to a convenient grouping of films we wanted to see. As such, it almost feels valid to say that I... curated... this screening.

Anyway, you don't care about that, you (ostensibly) care about the poster. Well, the poster is, you guessed it, more color copier color separation, this time using the technique to separate the different levels of frames-within-frames, avoiding overlapping colors and the combinations that result thereof. The only exciting about this specific instance was the color/frame layer made of two hands.

Most of the images that make up the poster were pulled from Google Image Search, but for the hands I used my MacBook's built in camera to take photos of my own hands. When blown up to 300dpi and 11x17 inches, however, the photos looked pretty shitty. So I printed them out at this size, then drew over them with a mechanical pencil to highlight the shading and creasing in the hands, as well as create a kind of faux-realist crisp resolution and increase visual interest. Then, I scanned the printout back in to the computer and composited it with the rest of the color/frame layers.

I know this story is not all that exciting, but I thought these photos of my hand over-drawing looked kind of nice. Enjoy.

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