Little Max Fauntleroy

I go to this great coffee shop to draw all the time because I'm a poor, young, hip artist without any tables in her studio apartment. Naturally, my coffee shop is sprawling and a little bit run down, with recycled, mismatched furniture and exposed brick walls. There is a British barista who works there named Max, and he sometimes comes by to look at my drawings and sass me, as per the requirements of this enacted suite of cliches.

He asked me once to draw a portrait of him as Little Lord Fauntleroy in exchange for a gift card. I agreed, but it took me a while to get around to drawing this. I left a space for Max's face, but every time I've been in recently he's been missing. I'm afraid he doesn't work there anymore. My alternative paradise is incomplete.


  1. I have to know--did you ever find him and finish the drawing??

  2. It has been some time, and Max Fauntleroy has not been seen nor heard in the vicinity. It is my great regret to announce my hypotheis: he's gone.


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