Brain Frame 7

Edie and I made this poster. It is the most complicated poster I have ever made. It is insane. It will be screen printed on 22' x 30' paper, which is the size at which it was drawn. It will have five colors, and all that goldenseal you see will be actual metallic gold ink. The dragon will be less red and thus the blood spurting from it will stand out more. Edie drew the dragon, the non-flag text, and the pattern on the side panels. I drew the knight, the crag, the woodgrain, the plants, the flag-text, and the background. I spent so long coloring and compositing the various parts. I can't believe this image exists.


The heady spirit of underground, alternative, and/or experimental comics, shaken and poured over the glistening, ice cold rocks of interpretive presentation and/or performance; you are handed this cocktail in a glass, bubbling to match your own effervescence, as the crowd around you gawks, laughs, sighs, and/or is moved.

Andy Burkholder
Mairead Case [presenting a collaboration with David Lasky]
Lyra Hill
Ian McDuffie
Nicholas O’Brien
Leslie Weibeler

With obelisk dicks, Magic: The Gathering, harsh noise, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Berkin, autobiographical self-destruction, celebratory champagne, and live music by Tyson Torstenson.

10pm on Saturday, July 28th, 2012. 1542 N Milwaukee, 2nd floor, $7.

NOTE: Wicker Park Fest is occurring the same weekend. Guests are advised against trying to drive. The festival ends at 10pm, which is when Brain Frame starts.

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  1. I want a copy of that poster--suitable for [brain] framing!


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