Sliders: Paradise Lost

Ian McDuffie is a close friend, peer, and artistic associate of mine. He is currently episode-by-episode blogging about all five seasons of Sliders, a late 90's sci fi drama about a rag-tag bunch who can 'slide' through dimensions. Ian is approaching the blog post for an episode that is widely regarded as the worst of all Sliders episodes, and because, according to Ian "enough has been said" on the subject already, he asked a bunch of his friends to watch the episode and draw response comics, instead of following his usual format.

I'd never watched Sliders before, and it sounded like a fun project, so Tyson and I sat down and watched Paradise Lost, the infamous lemon. It was really, really terrible. I took lots of notes and ended up with the above page. The first two panels are drawings of my favorite shot from the episode, where the camera zooms in on the wise, handicapped old woman's face as she repeats "The cove, the cove" and then cross-dissolves awkwardly to a shot of the cove. Never drawn a cross-dissolve before! It's hard! The third panel is in there because it was a ridiculous moment. I opted out of showing the more sensationalist plot lines (a giant cave/cove-dwelling glow worm who emits green goo which the town of centenarians eat to appear young forever, at the cost of sacrificing transients). Some of the other comics will probably tackle these subjects, so be sure to check them out when Ian posts them.

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  1. Damn, that crossfade is excellent. I want to try that sometime..


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