Brain Frame 9

WIGGLE YOUR WAY TO BRAIN FRAME 9 ON NOVEMBER 16TH, which is a FRIDAY, at 9:00PM. You just make your way to 1542 N MILWAUKEE and go up to the SECOND FLOOR, then pay SEVEN DOLLARS to see:

David Alvarado
Ben Bertin
Marnie Galloway
Corinne Mucha
Jeremy Tinder
Gina Wynbrandt

I drew this poster in record time with the very talented Joe Tallarico. Ghosts and background psychedelia courtesy of Joe; floating Escher castle, text, and color courtesy of myself. I'm getting better at planning the number of transparencies needed for each poster. Joe finally convinced me to use non-photo-blue pencils, for which I am thankful. Show up. Get down. Perhaps I'll post pictures of the transparencies soon. Happy Halloween.

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