Motivational Screaming

Life update: I've been preaching, by way of screaming, singing, and talking straight towards crooked subjects. I also moved to Los Angeles one month ago. Before we left Chicago, I executed an escalating number of performances, four in three weeks, culminating in a multi-new-media magic show. Now I'm here, and the roll I'm on has had to slow, even as the urgency propelling me mounts in tension. Somebody please, show me to a stage.

Brief respite: the footage of my performance at Helltrap Nightmare 9: Dinner with the Family is ready for you to watch! This happened on November 27th last year, when fear and grief over the success of white supremacy (the winner all along, let's be honest) was still fresh for many. I sought to galvanize my audience as well as exorcise some of the righteous fury that nobody should bother beating around the bush about anymore. I also debuted some new songs. Enjoy!

The songs are titled, in order, "Find The Tits," "My Vacant Friend," and "Floating Hope." Much, much better versions than the ones in this video are in process right now and will be available soon. Here, you can listen to "My Vacant Friend" and read the lyrics on my Soundcloud:

Thank you Emily Kempf for the awesome polaroid photo (captured at Cool Girls Show on December 7th, 2016) and for booking a great show!

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