It is happening again. I'm putting on a show. Most probably a series. It's called MULTI CULT and the first one is Thursday, June 8th, at 10:30pm at Cinefamily, 611 N Fairfax in Los Angeles.

Tickets available here.

MULTI CULT is a 'ritual variety show' where diversity of experience and difference of opinion are celebrated as the true path to enlightenment. This event is the first attempt in a pointed effort to advance a way of thinking which demands mental and emotional flexibility and strength. I want to make multiplicity, doubt, and listening cool again by calling them out as sacred in an environment where they contribute to spectacular, fascinating entertainment.

I will do this by putting together an awesome and fun show that features as many different kinds of art from as many different kinds of people as I can reach and convince to work with me. I anticipate in the future this will become easier, and thus make MULTI CULT even more dynamic and complex.

The first MULTI CULT will feature performances and accompaniment by Adebukola Buki Bodunrin & Ezra Claytan Daniels; Ruji "Stargatekeeper" Chapnik; hollis j. hart; myself; Jason Ogawa; Vanja Smiljanic; Tyson Thurston; and Dav Yendler.

Check out the Facebook event for more information about the performances and links to work.

To master the ceremony of MULTI CULT, I am drawing on my experience conducting BRAIN FRAME, teaching Ritual Structure workshops, moving people with magical performance art, etc. This show will occupy the framework of a secular ceremony, with formal/experimental intention, grounding, casting, and communal altar. Tell your friends!

Danielle Chenette was kind enough to draw with me these images to promote the show.

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